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I have a former fire dept rescue unit that we converted into a liquid deicer spray truck. The truck is a 1984 E350 ambulance chassis. 351 auto, the box is aluminum so no rust. It has lots of tool boxes for storage, there is some rust and dings in the cab but nothing bad. Truck could be used for a veriety of business uses (mobile repair, tire service, contractor, handy man, fleet support, ect) Truck is currently equipped with 550 gallon sprayer with the spray bar hidden under the truck. We installed an electric Hanney hose reel that will hold up to 300 ft of hose. It needs new hose on it as the other was dry rotted and cracking. The lights, siren, and PA all work. These can be removed if not needed and sold to recoop some cost. Has stereo, 2 new batteries, brakes, stainless simulators, spot lights, power invertor, and many other items done. Great truck for sidewalks. Room for snow blowers inside the box. This is a walk through unit with front and rear heat. We are building a bigger unit for this season as it looks like we will be using more liquids than ever. Asking $3500 with the spray equipment and $2500 without.

Used Storage Tanks
Used 2000 Gallon Storage Tanks - $1295.00
Used 4000 Gallon Storage Tanks - $1995.00

Over 100 in stock 
4000 and 2000 gallon USED storage tanks for sale. Various colors. Tanks are made of fiberglass and plastic.
Located in Indiana, PA 

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